Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CRASH (by David Croenenberg) (movie review)

just when you think you have it all
some kind of rage/despair
comes up
like semen like salmon
like the meal you made---like black widow preying mantis—of yr. mate—comes up
like the way it hurts to be
touched, embraced, and then
OUTWARD back to its own goal
line leaving some lone
some scrawled little love
note from
the underground
like just get
the fucking ratshit hell
out of
here BAM! & suddenly
the sirens
are in full
passion red lights flashing all the heart
calendars crossed
off firemen with those big
hoses between their
legs jaws of
life red lips of
wounds suddenly
you may see a
stranger the moment
itself open
ing into
eternity and
nothing and
the scars
we leave
on those
we love

When The Legends Die
the old alchy busted broncbuster asks
his young orphan Cree student
"You like it when the crowd
roars and claps for you...you
like that?"
yeah like they know
something more
than your pet bear and the songs
of the grantfather trees
and the bird sounds
by the creek everything you loved
torn from you
and a thousand people screaming
for cheap thrills
can fix it


debates with stuffed
volleyball sound
of the ocean silent
music dances with 4 sides
of the question and 2 sides
of a porta john
ripping the sky down
a line thru
yr hand to the
sand ripping the
surf and you out
to sea out of
the picture of
yr own life flowing
on without
you yr wife
is a whale
eye staring
at you at
nite language
only works by

Whale Rider (some priceless scenes of Maori culture)

Walkabout (young male aborigine on his first vision quest, meets white woman, a classic tale of knight meets damsel in distress, slays dragon, gets eaten by damsel) (very funny Margaret Mead, what do you do for an encore?)

Night At The Opera (Marxism at its best, I love the scnes where the singers are singing with scenes constantly shifting behind them, & everybody's chasing everybody else up & down the flyloft)

Birdman Of Alcatraz (birds humanizing people, moral: never argue with an animal who's more intelligent than you are)

Solaris (the indestructability of dreams)

Man Facing South East (crazy people know shit too)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (ditto)

The Rain People
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
You wake up one morning
don’t kno the person yr living with
get in the car and just drive like a lunatic
phonecalls from glass walls the lights of
towns and the wind
blowing thru you
what the hell’s wrong with you woman, pregnant
leaving yr husband and all that cruel strength
that used to turn you on, hooking up
with a retarded football player
so stupid he sets caged animals free
searching for god in lost motels
pennsylvania turnpike, 1967,
don’t you know the story yet, we’re living in history
life won’t tell you
a god damned thing, nothing
gives in, that’s the rule,
putting on lipstick in the rear view
mirror of a 62 Pontiac Bonneville
for a date with a cop
his daughter running around the trailer park
with other kids peekin in windows
learning how fullashit you grownups are
the cop’s worse than yr husband
the retard attacks him gets shot by the cop’s
now yr a rain people
the sun shines right thru you, you’re a real gone
baby, baby, happiness
was always too much to ask but
some crazy fuckers will always
try to break free
and end up dying out there
searching for some kindness
they can’t even explain and only tragedy
can bring

Being John Malkovich
was a tour de farce
I’m glad he gets around.

Radio Days
Long Island before we looked in the mirror
when it was only the Germans we had to fear
life having it’s way
with your lonely aunt singing
In USO clubs
"Why’d you have to take the sunshine?"
olive drab
tinkly piano
tommy dorsey in the
darkness of history smell of the ocean
the elevated clickety clack back
to the shack jack
all that time out there
beyond this little island dream
where we can only be
what we seem l

Ghost Dog
samurai = gangbanger=samurai
must not think do you think
that works
in Iraq

Monkey Business
life is like a begonia
nothing is too silly when you live
in Freedonia

Down By Law
Makes you wanna get drunk
and drive a Jaguar
with a dead body in it
across town at 2:30 AM
and just keep on going
down that long road
to nowhere

Places In The Heart
reach out to somebody to fill
that old heartache
life moves them on
and on
cotton waves
in the sun


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