Friday, November 13, 2009

if anger can explain if

if anger can explain if

retribution can make
whole if
your war is just and justice is
infallible if
Halliburton is in its heaven and its
God is good if
you know what
you’re doing take
away his culture say
Towelhead, Q
Tip, Sand
Monkey ask
The Smallest Guy In The Room to whip up
a lynch mob then show us how
smart you are call
Him names say
Craven, Twisted, Coward, Evil, use sleep
deprivation to wake him up cut
the top of his skull off without
anesthesia look
inside watch
the folds and crags the sheer
dropoffs, twists and turns that go this
way and that according to the surface
chasms where loyalties
divide and do not
conquer kill
him and bring him back from the dead thirteen
times each time say
Why? Say Who? say
How? and watch different
areas of the brain light
up then who do what do
you know about the fixed
distances between you and
me and we and I and us and
them and the
torture of
walking a tight
rope above the gorges between the
hemispheres examine the creeks and
rivulets between thalamus, hypo
thalamus, cerebellum find the place where
the army says the Quran says the Bible
says and the body just cries
out in want
of sex and religion, angel and
whore, virgin and
stripper, love and hate, money and
democracy, c’mon
decide, make up your
minds look
thru the holes in his
night feel
around for the
places love
goes when it's
gone pound
his head against the
wall tear
out the amygdala and cortex put
them separately on the scale see
which gives
more weight to
words cut
the remaining brain out keeping a sharp
eye out
the answers run it thru the blender
until it turns beige the color of
the universe, something the whole family can
enjoy, hold it in both
hands before you
in the mirror say what
do you
think? Say
How? Say
Why? Say


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